Business Planning

Benjamin Franklin summarized it all when he said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Having a well thought-out business plan will help you

In this video (recorded as part of Building Foundations, our New Agent Learning Series), Rebecca Mann (Regional Sales Director for York County Maine) walks us through the worksheet and how to arrive at the figures needed for your own business plan.

Business Planning Spreadsheet

Add Community Calendars to Your Agent Website

Real estate is all about being local, and you are the expert in your local community. Show that you have your finger on the pulse of your town with a custom page on your website that lists out all of the local happenings.

The Masiello Group has partnered with a company called Burbio to compile a comprehensive list of the local happenings in your market that you can showcase on your website. It requires just a little bit of set up, but once you set it up, it will automatically update with all the latest events from your local chamber of commerce, town sites, and others.

This quick video shows you how to create this custom page on your website, and you can always contact your Business Support Specialists and the Marketing Team for assistance.

Step One – Download your town’s graphic from Canva

Step Two – Copy this Authentication Token (this looks like alphabet soup, but you will need this in the next step. Make sure you capture the whole thing): eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjo4MTUzOX0.kdb2_l6aUUFMOO1x5TNMTJ4yWHILVkQuII5A3-Qjs-E

Step Three: Create a custom page on your website:

This video shows you how:

Step Four: use one of the social media graphics we've created for you to post on your social media pages, linking back to this new page on your website. Click here to find the graphics, and watch the video below for instructions.


TextBHGRE allows you to capture more leads for your listings.

Win your next listing by demonstrating how quickly you can receive and respond to buyer inquiries!

Use property-specific text codes, or purchase your own Keyword to use in all of your marketing!





Listings 2.0

As a follow up to the Matthew Ferrara 3-part Listing Master Class series (available here: password: grownow), Jake Durando from BHGRE gave us Listings. 2.0...

With your own listing presentation and marketing plan in hand, you’ll be ready to conquer market share and start building customers for life!

Click below to watch the video:


Listings Master Class with Matthew Ferrara

Matt Ferrara delivers an energetic 3-part series

Springtime in February

Part One focuses on how to have crucial conversations with your sphere of influence today to jump-start your listing pipeline. Use the Formula of FIVES to develop a priority prospecting plan, time-blocking your day, three questions, and one listening technique to spark discussion. Leave this session with an action plan to dramatically increase your selling activities right away.

Unhide the Hidden Inventory

Even in the hottest market in a decade, there are still people who are NOT listed with a REALTOR. FSBOs, Expireds, Investor-owned, resimercial properties and un-made referrals in your own network/database. Learn to find them, what to say to them and how to capture dozens to hundreds of additional listings in almost any marketplace.

Social Prospecting

Learn how to LISTEN YOUR WAY INTO LISTINGS using social media. Use search techniques, create target lists, add comments for positive effect and develop conversations by using anecdotal stories to plant the seeds that move potential-listings off the fence and into the winter market.

The entire series is available here: password: grownow



Updated: Feb 26, 2021


HomeFundIt is a crowdfunding down payment solution that helps potential homeowners increase their down payment savings. Whether you need to increase your current down payment savings or you’re starting from scratch, HomeFundIt is the down payment solution you’ve been looking for.

It works like any other social network:

Download-able PDF to use with your sphere:

Recorded video with Mark Mccauley and HomeFundIt, Doug Nesbit

Download the PDF Powerpoint slides

More info in this video below:

For more information, speak with your Sales Director or with your office's CMG Financial representative.

Advanced Website Customization with Kasey Levesque

Today we took customizing our agent websites to the next level.

Missed it? View the recording here:

Additional resources:

Custom Domain DNS Management

Questions? Reach out to us at

Tookit CMA with Brittany Stoodley

Review how to set up a professional CMA in Toolkit with Brittany Stoodley

Additional Resources;

Add personal pages in Toolkit CMA

Questions? Reach out to us at

Zip Forms new integration with MREIS

Maine Listings just launched a new ZipForms feature allowing filling forms. This feature can be used if your Regional Support Team is adding your listings in MREIS.

Questions? Reach out to us at

Customizing Your Websites with Kasey Levesque

Additional Resources;

Add FB messenger to your personal site - Delta Media Group video

Add FB messenger to your personal site - PDF

Creating and adding testimonials to your personal site - Delta Media Group video

Custom agent page examples;

Gary Jordan

Les Priest

Elaine Pelletier

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