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Marketing Yourself as a Distinctive Agent

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Marketing luxury real estate is both an art and a science. The Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® carefully blends the two, attracting high-end sellers and marketing to high-end buyers.

​Sellers of distinctive homes expect your marketing program to be exclusive and to promote the uniqueness of their property by using distinctive branding and marketing tools.

What Qualifies for the BHGRE Distinctive Collection?

  • Listing price is within the top 10% according to the local MLS statistics for the past 12 months or above $450,000, whichever is greater.

  • Single-family dwelling* must represent exceptional style and quality, even if the price is within top 10% of MLS

  • Listing must include a minimum of 12 photos of professional quality (Minimum size: 1180 X 630 px)

  • First/primary photo needs to be of the home

  • Distinctive Collection lawn signage and marketing collateral pieces must be used in promotion.

* To-be-builts, facsimiles, vacant land and commercial properties do not qualify.

What Is the DC Submission Process?

  • Listing goes live in MLS and must be manually submitted to BHGRE for consideration (in dash, done by your Business Support Specialist)

    • If live in MLS by 3pm, listing will be available in dash the following day

    • If live in MLS after 3pm, listing may take an extra day to be available in dash

  • ​Listings are manually reviewed by BHGRE and may take 24-48 hours to be approved or rejected

    • If rejected, agent will receive email from BHGRE with the reason(s) for the rejection​

Pre-Listing Presentation Guide

A comprehensive guide to your marketing strategies for Distribution, Response and Measurement.

This guide is written in YOUR voice, which presents you as the luxury marketing expert.

Available in e-book and print versions

Consider getting high-quality print books as leave-behinds
Portrait Versions


Landscape Versions


Customizable PowerPoint Versions:

Wow Your Clients with a DC Portfolio Box

House all of your presentation materials in this beautifully crafted presentation box.Wrapped in luxurious faux-leather paper, this box features silver embossing, a magnetic closure, and a large pocket for holding all of your materials.
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Luxury Listing Style Guide

  • Click here for DC Logo Files

  • Colors: 

    • Gray:

      • Pantone 425​

      • C-00, M-00, Y-00, K-75

      • R-95, G-96, B-98

      • Hex: #5f6062

    • Green:

      • Pantone 376​

      • C-54, M-00, Y-100, K-00

      • R-130, G-195, B-65

      • Hex: #82c341

Download from the Greenhouse
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The BHGRE Difference
Brand Tiers
Distinctive Collection
  • Listing Headlines

  • Photography Tips

  • Staging Ideas

Where are DC Listings Marketed?

In addition to traditional websites that all listings are syndicated to, Distinctive Collection listings are shared with:
Newly redesigned Distinctive Collection website:
DC listings also receive high value exposure to luxury buyers on well-known websites:

How Else Can Listings Be Marketed?

What Marketing Resources are Available?

Print and Digital Marketing pieces are available within the Greenhouse and TMGConnect
Greenhouse – Marketing – Print Marketing Center

TMGConnect – Customers – E-cards and Flyers

as a 

Customize Your Agent Website

Stock photos of luxury properties, incorporate DC blog articles
TMGConnect – Website – Site Design
and Modular Theme Editor
Watch for training on this coming soon!

Order Distinctive Collection Business Cards

Greenhouse – Marketing – Print Marketing – Print Marketing Center – Go to Print Marketing Center

Stand Out with a LuxBHGRE Designation

  • This program serves as the benchmark of luxury expertise for today’s real estate professionals.

  • These classes are offered several times a year, and always available as a paid learning plan on Be Better University

Content includes: 
The Luxury Market • Developing the Power of You • Scrutinizing Your Luxury Market • Client Development • Working With Luxury Sellers • Now That You Have the Listing • The Ultimate Buyers Agent



Greenhouse – Learning – Be Better University – Go to Be Better University – Agent Skill Building – View Course Library - Specialized

Access Resources Curated for Distinguished Clientele

Travel, interior design, gourmet cuisine, and of course luxury real estate

Luxury Staging and Design Guide

Download PDFE-book

DC PowerPoint Presentation

Learn more about the Distinctive Collection by downloading the PowerPoint presentation below.
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