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AVM Door Knock Leads - what are they, and what do I do with them?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Have you noticed leads coming in that don't have any name or contact information associated with them? You may not want to dismiss those kinds of leads!

These leads are generated when a customer enters their address under the “What’s My Home Worth” tool.

While the customer may not provide much more information than their address, a lead is created so that you know someone at that address may be interested in selling their home. This may be an opportunity to send a direct mail piece or otherwise find a way to reach the homeowner to offer your services.

Success Story!

Michelle Ridley and Sarah Johnston in the Rockland Office share their story about how to handle these leads, and showcase how one of these even resulted in a $600,000 sale!

How to generate these type of listing leads

Generate more leads by posting a What's My Home Worth graphic to your Facebook Business Page with a link back to the tool on your website.

Choose one of the graphics below to post to your Facebook Business Page.

Additional graphics available here

Click on the image (the image will then open up in a new window), and then click on the download button that looks like this:

Save the image to your desktop or somewhere else on your computer where you can easily find it again.

Go to your Masiello website, and find the page "What's My Home Worth" from your navigation bar -- it might be in the drop-down menu under the heading "For Sellers" (if you do not see this page, contact your Business Support Specialist or Marketing).

Click on that page. And once you're on that page, select the URL from the address bar and copy by either right-clicking and hitting copy, or by pressing the CTRL and C buttons on your keyboard.

Open Facebook and go to your Business Page. Find the field where you write a new post.

Enter some text about the tool - something like:

Click on the link if you are thinking of selling and would like to know what your home is worth in today's market.

Paste the URL at the end of that paragraph by either right-clicking and hitting Paste, or by pressing CTRL and the V key on your keyboard.

Press the button to upload a photo. Find where you saved the photo earlier and click to upload.

Your followers will then see a post on your page that looks something like this:

I have the lead and the contact information - now what?

Send a direct mail postcard.

There are great options in TMGConnect in the e-Cards and Flyers section. Search for Postcards.

Share what's happening in the market

Create one of these beautiful Market Watch reports quickly and easily.

Click here for a quick video walkthrough:

Let them know you have buyers in the wings!

Learn more about the Reverse Prospecting Report that showcases how many buyers are in our collective database who are searching for properties just like the subject property. These buyers will receive a notification immediately when this home hits the market.

Click here for written instructions for this tool

Show them you have exclusive access to more buyers

PinPoint – create a flyer showing your exclusive access to buyers in a

targeted area (ie, surrounding the door knock lead address):

#TMGConnect #MarketWatch

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