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Listings Master Class with Matthew Ferrara

Matt Ferrara delivers an energetic 3-part series

Springtime in February

Part One focuses on how to have crucial conversations with your sphere of influence today to jump-start your listing pipeline. Use the Formula of FIVES to develop a priority prospecting plan, time-blocking your day, three questions, and one listening technique to spark discussion. Leave this session with an action plan to dramatically increase your selling activities right away.

Unhide the Hidden Inventory

Even in the hottest market in a decade, there are still people who are NOT listed with a REALTOR. FSBOs, Expireds, Investor-owned, resimercial properties and un-made referrals in your own network/database. Learn to find them, what to say to them and how to capture dozens to hundreds of additional listings in almost any marketplace.

Social Prospecting

Learn how to LISTEN YOUR WAY INTO LISTINGS using social media. Use search techniques, create target lists, add comments for positive effect and develop conversations by using anecdotal stories to plant the seeds that move potential-listings off the fence and into the winter market.

The entire series is available here: password: grownow


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