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June 22, 2021

Please take a short 2 minutes to let us know what topics you'd be most interested in for upcoming TMGLive sessions:

**The next TMG Live will be on Wednesday, June 30th.**

Summer Schedule:

We'll be going to every other week for the summer. Save these dates (9-10am) - Topics to be announced soon.

    • June 30
    • July 14
    • July 28
    • August 11
    • August 25
    • September 8
    • September 22

Mindful Monday - How to Imagine a New Future

What is the Summer of Fun with BHGRE® series?

You can find the Summer of Fun with BHGRE® series on beginning in July. The program consists of blogs created to celebrate being with loved ones again this summer season. The blogs are full of content for consumers ready to create new memories, be it entertaining in small groups in their own backyard or hitting the road to visit exciting places highlighted by region and showcasing markets in the BHGRE® network.

Categories will include At Home ideas such as hosting a Crawfish Boil or an Afternoon Tea. The Road-Trip section breaks down the country by region and provides things to do and see in each area, giving our network a chance to highlight what makes their market so special.

How can I get involved?

We’re so glad you asked! Send a blurb describing a few “can’t miss” things to do for travelers visiting (no more than 150 words) along with a current listing. We’ll add it to our regional blogs and highlight your listing for anyone who decides they want to stay… permanently!

Come July, the Summer of Fun with BHGRE® blog will live here: . You will also find all the articles in the Listening section of the BHGRE Social Tool, ready to share with your network on social. BHGRE will also be highlighting different our content on the brand social channels.

Bookmark it now and if you have any questions, please reach out to Elizabeth Byrne TODAY!

June Learning Sessions

View these and many others sessions at:

Londonderry Four Year Anniversary Celebration!

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Can A Seller Back Out Of A Purchase and Sale Contract?

It doesn't happen often, but like buyers, sellers can get cold feet. Between the work of personalizing your home and the memories you've created there, sometimes it's hard to let go. Even if you don't get cold feet, there are plenty of other reasons to change your mind about selling.

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